Couple Takes Issue With Mary's Comments About The Pilgrimage

Dear "Mary Marietta",

I was reading your column for the first time and was struck with several questions.  You take numerous "shots" at the Marietta Pilgrimage behind your cloak of anonymity but I wonder what credentials you have to be such a critic.

First, I pondered whether you have ever opened your home to the thousands of visitors who partake in the tour each year. 

You criticize the homeowners for not opening their bedrooms but, I wonder do you truly understand the apprehensions of allowing thousands of perfect strangers into the most personal areas of your home? 

Well, my husband and I do and can say unequivocally that it was a privilege and a wonderful experience. 

Although we couldn't have been prouder to have our home toured in 1997 we understand the money, time, hard work and most of all the concerns involved in opening one's home.  We chose to open our entire home for viewing but understand why people would choose not to. 

We want to applaud and thank others, like ourselves, who were willing to help great organizations such as Cobb Landmarks and the Marietta Welcome Center. 

These organizations, with the assistance of committed volunteers, made "Our Tour" extremely pleasant and continuously represent our community in a first class manner.  Each of these groups does an exemplary job of promoting what is good about Marietta to the community at large and helps our neighborhoods and businesses prosper.

Upon further thought, I wondered whether you have ever donated your time to orchestrate as large and complicated an event as the Pilgrimage and its Preview Party. 

If you had then perhaps you would understand the budget and logistic constraints non-profit organizations work within. 

Again, as one of those who do give of our time and energy, we applaud the Whitlock Inn for their generosity, superb service, delicious food, and continued commitment to our community. 

Come to think of it, if you haven't had the opportunity to donate your time in the past there is plenty of work to do in planning the 1999 Tour and your involvement would be welcomed.  Perhaps you could put your energy toward making things better rather than criticizing others.

Finally, if your column is to be a permanent part of our community I wonder if you wouldn't be well served spending your time studying the difference between "neighborhood gossip" and "cynical criticism"?

Van and Patti Pearlberg

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