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Mary wants to know
whatever happened to
law and order?

What ever happened to all those people who were screaming about law and order a few years ago?

I suspect many are hypocritically breaking the law themselves these days when it comes to driving their cars.

Did you know polls show most people now fear being killed on the highway than by a violent crime?

Yet, so many drive at excessive speeds, run red lights and cut other drivers off. Law and order? Not around here, thatís for sure.

Some think itís the Yankees who have caused this nightmare. The Beloved Publisher says he was recently in Louisville, Lexington and Cincinnati and people respected the law. They even stop at the very moment traffic lights are turning yellow! Well, imagine that.

He also expressed amazement that drivers in upstate New York kept their speeds within reason.

We Southerners have always had a love affair with cars, thatís why race tracks are so popular. Our men think itís manly to drive on the streets fast. Frankly, theyíre acting like a bunch of immature teenage boys.

Iím hoping theyíll grow up some day and slow down before itís too late for them, or someone else.


Marietta Will Eventually Regret It,
If Highrise Not Built

I must be the only OM who favors the highrise on Marietta Square.

* I just donít understand the commotion. Iíve been to our beloved square at night and have seen how empty it is of people. Maybe a few bums here and there, but not much else.

I keep thinking what a shame it is that Mayor Ansley Meaders has given in to her friends, rather than look at the big picture, having the will to decide whatís best for the city.

The highrise will have people who will not only live there, but shop and eat on the square and make it as lively at night as it is during the day.

*  No one can possibly argue with the buildingís design. Itís beautiful and blends in nicely with the old structures there, unlike the tacky government buildings or those gross fast-food joints along the loop.

* I donít understand the problem. What I do know is people like the Mayor, John-Boy Sinclair and the dowdy Marietta Daily Journal live in the past.

And believe you me, if they get their way, some day their actions will catch up with the city and I hope the residents a generation from now will know the names of the naysayers.

* It will be Miss Meaders, John-Boy and a paper that probably wonít be around anymore who destroyed the square rather than help to make it a lively, wonderful - livable - centerpiece of our wonderful city. 24 hours a day.

Little Antique Shop Owners
Are There To Impress Friends

The beloved publisher of this paper, Mr. Hines, told me his column was going to be about some of the shop owners on the square.

He thinks some of them actually hurt business there, rather than help, by fighting efforts to promote the square.

Dear Mr. Hines, you just donít get it. I know some of the ladies who have shops. Theyíre not there to make money, honey. Theyíre there for social status, so they can impress friends with their Ďcute little antique shop on the square.í

* I had a chance to go to the Welcome Center when family was in from elsewhere. If this is the first impression people have about our wonderful city, then the Welcome Center needs a lot work.

First, the old train depot looks run down. It really, really looks bad. Come on, raise some funds and fix it up!

Second, what is it with that woman who sits behind that big desk? No personality at all. OK, thatís the way she is, but in a job where a pleasant, cheerful attitude is important, she is most certainly out of place.

Try to be a little, er, a lot perkier will you, dear. For the sake of the city.

Mary Blames 'John-Boy' Sinclair
For Whitlock's Destruction

What a rude little boy Johnny Sinclair has turned out to be. Iíve heard he actually ignores people who come up to talk to him.

Who does he think he is, anyway?

Not a good councilmember, thatís for sure. When one sits on council, one must listen to all. Not be selective. Let me remind John-Boy that heís on council because people thought they were voting for his Daddy.

Heís also there because residents wanted a voice to protect Whitlock Avenue from being destroyed. They feared Dan Cox would vote for the widening.

Well, let me tell you....if there was one person responsible for the destruction of Whitlock, itís John-Boy Sinclair. He knew the vote was coming. Yes, he found a little time to get away from the World Gym to tell a few residents about it. He should have done more...a lot more.

Knowing that his election was made possible because of the Whitlock threat, John-Boy should have immediately had flyers made and dropped them off at every single household on and near the historic district to warn residents.

Of course, he did nothing of the sort. That would have been too much work. That would have interfered with his social schedule.

Had he done his job, the residents would have jammed the meeting, and council would have backed-off.

Now, part of Whitlock will be widened. The rest of it will surely follow. And we can all thank John-Boy for it.

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