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After Barr's ad appears, Kahn challenges him to debate at his farm

Congressional candidate Roger Kahn has challenged Bob Barr to debate agriculture issues at his farm in White, GA. Kahn said the voters would be better served by a debate "focusing on the issues, rather than the smear tactics used by Barr's campaign."

The Barr campaign released its first television commercial on Monday, seemingly questioning Kahn's farming abilities at his compound in that Bartow County community.

The Kahn campaign says Congressman Barr "does not specifically address any issues and focuses solely on leveling personal attacks on the challenger." He said the absence of substance was symbolic of Barr's failure to achieve results since going Washington in 1995.

"The voters want the candidates to talk about issues and that is why I challenge Bob Barr to come to my farm and debate the issues facing Georgia's farmers," Kahn said. "Mr. Barr is welcome to come to my farm anytime he is ready to discuss these very important issues. Instead of engaging in personal attacks, he should be engaging in a dialogue of this issues."

"I am disappointed but I am not surprised that Bob Barr would avoid discussing the issues that are important to Georgians in order to attack me personally," Kahn said.

"Throughout his career he has made plenty of noise and he has became quite famous nationally. Unfortunately, the people he was elected to serve have suffered as a result because he cannot accomplish anything he was elected to do."

Kahn said he finds Barr's record on agriculture "troubling." In 1995, Barr voted to cut agricultural spending by $6.3 billion. He voted against $1 billion in crop insurance funding over five years in 1998 and supported the so-called "Freedom to Farm" bill which resulted in the financial difficulties many farms are experiencing today.

"Bob Barr is running from his record because he has abandoned family farmers and the rural communities of the 7th District," Kahn said. "I am confident the voters will see through Barr's desperate attempts and finally they will have a Congressman who promotes their issues rather than someone who promotes himself."

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