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Barr tries to make issue
out of Kahn's residency
with first campaign ad

The Barr campaign on Monday unveiled its first television ad of the Seventh District congressional race. The spot, which takes a look at Democrat candidate Roger Kahnís recent move to the Seventh District, is airing on Atlanta network television. A Barr press release describes the ad as 'lighthearted.' The Kahn campaign is now airing its third consecutive week of ads against Barr.

Kahn moved to the Seventh District a year and a half ago, building a large compound in Bartow County. He had been living in semi-retirement in Florida while maintaining a home in Buckhead.

"A candidate should have at least some basic knowledge of a congressional district and its residents before running for office," Barr says. "Roger Kahn seems to think he can buy a seat in Congress by scaring our friends and neighbors with misleading attack ads. This ad exposes Mr. Kahnís attempt to spend millions burying his past in a lighthearted, but effective way."

During a recent interview with Bill Nigut on "Georgia Week in Review," Kahn claims that he has lived in the Seventh District for "about a year and a half. Now, as far as living in Florida, that was short period of time where I was going to retire. And then when I decided to run against Bob Barr, I came back from retirement, so to speak."

The ad pokes fun at Kahn's bluejeans and cap look. At one point an actor playing Kahn tries to climb over a country wooden fence and slips. The scene is followed by a scroll saying, "Send Roger Kahn back to Buckhead."

Kahn's return to Georgia is comparable to Guy Milner, the Republican who ran for governor here. While maintaining a residence in Buckhead, Milner essentially was living in Florida. Barr didn't criticize Milner, nor did he make an issue of Newt Gingrich's move from Jonesboro to East Cobb to run for a redistricted congressional seat.

Barr was born in Iowa, but has been a resident here since about 1978. Kahn is a native Georgian, and attended the University of Georgia.

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