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Judy Williams decided to run for the District 1 Commission seat when, in her words, "it became apparent that for the past year, West Cobb has not had a commissioner who was familiar with zoning ordinances, water and sewer issues, DOT issues, drainage problems and code violations.

"Having worked for Cobb County for the last 33 years, I felt I would have the lowest learning curve of any of the other three candidates running for the office," she said.

For 32 years, Judy Williams has worked in planning and zoning, with the last year and a half working as Commissioner Sam Olens' assistant.

Judy Williams has been married for 35 years to Jimmy. They have one son, Keith, who is married to Teresa. Ms. Williams has two granddaughters, Amber and Emily.

1. Architectural guidelines to be applied to all commercial, office developments.

2. Low Density Developments and in certain areas of the county, such as around the Allatoona Area, very low density.

Density levels should not exceed 0-1 units per acre around this area in order to reduce the amount of water run-off into nearby steams, thus reducing the amount of silt going into Allatoona Lake. This is our drinking water and we need to start acting now on ways to protect this resource.

3. Working not only toward the 20% goal of green space per the State Plan, but exceeding that, by encouraging smart growth, conservative growth now, not in the future, when we will have no land left to put in Conservation easement, land trusts and passive areas.

4. Mediation meetings be required between property owners and organized homeowner groups who have concerns about up-coming zoning in their areas. These mediation meetings would be required before the Board of Commissioners hear the zoning case.

5. Move one of the zoning hearings to a night meeting. Currently both the Planning commission and the board of Commissioners meet during the day. One of those meetings should be at night so that concerned homeowners do not have to take off from work two days per month or stay at home moms don't have to get baby sitters two times each month.

6. Traffic problems are a concern not only in West Cobb, but all through Cobb County. We need to look at these areas where the worst traffic problems occur and work toward a solution. The traffic problems must be addressed now, not in the future. We should work with Georgia Regional Transportion now on possible solutions.

7. Barrett Parkway should be a people mover road only. Truck traffic should not be allowed along this road when the Parkway is completed to the East-West connector. This would prevent future use of this road by trucks, when Norfork Southern opens.

8. Working with and encouraging homeowner associations to form and help preserve a way of life in West Cobb, that we all have come to appreciate.

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