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Cobb's Gingrey Wants
To Raise Driving Age

State Senator Phil Gingrey says he will introduce legislation to raise the minimum driving age in Georgia from 16 to 17. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that statistics show teenagers are five times more likely to be involved in serious or fatal accidents than any other age group. Gingrey says the best way to stop some of the carnage on the roads is to get young teenagers off of them. More headlines 12/13

Marietta Anglo Community Tries To Adjust As Hispanics Move-In
Sometimes Marietta City Councilwoman Betty Lou Hunter will head out of her home with a can of black spray paint. She uses it to cover up the graffiti on asphalt in front of her house and elsewhere on the streets throughout her neighborhood, just east of Marietta Square. "Some gang members," she said, placing blame for the paint splattered on a spot in front of her house.
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Zero Tolerance For
Child's Safety In Cars

The most important possession to most Americans is their child. So why do people continually get into vehicles, start them and drive away with children not bucked up in their seatbelt or car seats?
Direction Cobb 12/13

County Offers Tips On
Properly Storing Y2K Food

Just in case you want to store some food as Y2K nears, Cobb Extension Service Director Pat Simmons answers questions on how to properly do it.
Direction Cobb 12/13

Marietta Native Survives
Marine Chopper Crash

A Marietta native was one of several lucky Marines who survived a deadly helicopter crash today off San Diego. First Lt. Michael Butler, a Wheeler graduate, is recovering from injuries but should be home in time for Christmas.
   The CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter carrying 18 Marines plunged into the ocean while on a training exercise with U.S. Navy ships. Seven are believed dead.
Background 12/13

Lockheed To Start Work On F-22s
After surviving a near-death experience in Congress, Lockheed has won approval from the Defense Department to start building its controversial F-22 jet fighters.
Access Atlanta 12/11

Two Cobb Detectives
Suspended For Fight

Two Cobb County robbery detectives have been suspended with pay for a fight at police headquarters that left one stabbed with a pen, county documents show. Police have offered little information about the Nov. 24 incident in the newly remodeled headquarters on North Marietta Parkway.
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Militia Group Was Going To Bomb Electrical Transformers Here
The FBI has arrested leaders of a pseudo-militia called the Southeastern States Alliance because the group was allegedly planning to knock out electrical transformers in metro Atlanta and in Tampa. Link to the story

No To Northside Realty,
Yes To Walgreen's

As expected, Marietta city council voted last night not to allow Northside Realty to build an office at Whitlock and Kirkpatrick. Too close to residential, they said. But council did approve Walgreen's request for a zoning variance where Northside Realty's office now sits farther down the road at Burnt Hickory. 12/9

Vantage Gets OK For
'Village' Off Trammel Street

Marietta city council last night approved the Vantage Company's neo-village proposal. Vantage wants to build a mix-use community off Trammel Street near the South Loop that would include both residential and commercial. 12/9

Republicans Keep Distance
From a Tarnished Gingrich

Some House Republicans recently were preparing for a reunion of their fabled class of 1994, the conservative vanguard that former Rep. Newt Gingrich helped lead to power five years ago, when a question occurred: Should they invite Gingrich? In a show of hands, almost everyone said no.
More to the story 12/9

Merchants Festival Sold
Konover Property Trust, a North Carolina-based investment company, has purchased Merchants Festival for $16,750,000. The shopping center is located at Roswell and Johnson Ferry Roads. Its main anchor is the Ingles Supermarket. Merchants Festival underwent a facade renovation about a year ago. 12/9

Cobb Now Has Second Largest
School System In State

Cobb County will end the millennium with Georgia's second largest school system, pulling ahead of DeKalb County for the first time in the number of students.
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NextCard Internet Visa
McEachern Loses To Northside
Lesson learned. It might have been a painful lesson. But Northside took note of it anyway. Knowing they couldn't get away with playing only two good quarters, the top-ranked Eagles took No. 3 McEachern to school Friday night with a 44-13 win at McConnell-Talbert Stadium.
Link to the story 12/4

Over 70 Early Graves
Found In Smyrna Cemetery

Little orange flags and pink fluorescent plastic ribbons mark the spots where dozens of Smyrna's forebears were laid to rest decades ago. Until this week, their graves at the Smyrna Memorial Cemetery were unmarked. Their locations were unknown.
Access Atlanta 12/4

Are Some Republicans Looking
For An Alternate To Barr?

It's been rumored for some time that moderate Republicans in the Seventh Congressional District have been looking for an alternative to Bob Barr.
    They see Barr losing in the 2000 elections, in a district that should be solidly Republican. But no one would say for the record that there's an effort to unseat Barr. That is, until today when a possible candidate said he has been approached by members of the GOP.
    "Iíve gotten calls from elected officials and former elected officials, Republicans and Democrats alike, offering support," said Dr. Richard Hammonds in an interview. 12/2

Before Lockheed, There Was
The Bell Bomber Plant

Hard to believe, but before World War II, Cobb was literally a dirt-poor county in the agrarian South. That all changed when three men from Marietta had the foresight to change things by building a little airfield.

Olens Says Cobb, Buckhead Need
To Work Together On Traffic

Responding to the Buckhead Coalition's campaign to get Cobb drivers to slow down when passing through that Atlanta community, Cobb Commissioner Sam Olens said the two areas need to work together, rather than "creating friction."
    "Perhaps if more time were spent working together than creating friction, we would live in a better region," Olens told Cobb Online
    The Buckhead Coalition says Cobb drivers are going over the speed limit and has started a campaign to get commuters to slow down. But it isn't reciprocal. The campaign makes no mention of Buckhead drivers who exceed the speed limit, however.
    "Am I to assume Fulton County drivers do not speed through Cobb County,?" Commissioner Olens asked.
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Opponents Of Catholic School May Be Grasping For Straws
The citizens' group that calls itself  'People Looking After Neighborhoods' is probably grasping for straws when it claims zoning approval for the new Catholic School off Hwy. 120 is illegal because the alleged business relationship between Cobb Chairman Bill Byrne and zoning attorney John Moore somehow interferred with the vote.
    If it ever makes it to court, surely the judge will rule the claim irrelevant. Why? Because the vote wasn't even close. The commissioners overwhelmingly approved the school by a vote of 4-1.
    The claim by the group seems frivolous and if this is all they can come up with, then their battle isn't even a skirmish.

Goldstein's Store To Close
Herbert Goldstein's clothing store, founded by his father decades ago, will finally close on Marietta Square.
    Mr. Goldstein decided to close the store several months ago after suffering a health scare but only recently set a final timetable. Goldstein's will have a going out-of-business sale beginning in early December. The store will stay open until all the merchandise is sold. 11/26 Home Page

Cobb County Toughening
Stance On Variances

Over the last three years developers in Cobb County have violated more land along creeks than in any other county in Georgia, according to a recent study. They've bulldozed and sometimes built on the 25-foot wide natural buffer of grass, brush or trees that state law says must separate housing and business developments from state waterways. Access Atlanta

MDJ Circulation Drops Again
Despite publishing in fast-growing Cobb, the Marietta Daily Journal has again lost circulation and has fallen below 20,000 printed copies on Sunday.
    In its latest filing with the Audit Bureau of Circulation, the MDJ reported 19,418 Sunday circulation, down from 20,443 reported last March.
    It's Monday through Saturday circulation dropped to 20,008, from 20,437 reported in March. 11/22

Marianne To Get Some Records
A judge on Tuesday ordered a woman linked romantically to Newt Gingrich to provide Gingrich's wife with an array of personal and financial records bearing on their relationship. But Superior Court Judge Brook Hedge, mediating a dispute between lawyers for Marianne Gingrich and congressional staffer Callista Bisek, issued orders barring public disclosure of any aspect of Ms. Bisek's telephone and financial records not relating directly to the former House speaker.
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Marianne Gingrich's Painful Divorce
Last May, Newt Gingrich told his wife he was seeing another woman and wanted a divorce. He didn't mention the affair had been going on for six years. "I found out with the rest of the country," said Marianne Gingrich, who spoke publicly about her divorce this week. The remarks are her most extensive since the days immediately after her husband's July divorce petition was filed.
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Marianne Asks About Family Values
Among 49 questions Marianne Gingrich wants answered is this one: "Do you believe that that you have conducted your private life in this marriage in accordance with the concept of 'family values' you have espoused politically and professionally?"
Background at Access Atlanta

Working To Save Lockheed Plant
Concern that Lockheed Martin Corp. might shut down its Marietta plant is fueling political support for a plan that would give the defense contractor $150 million to keep its cargo plane line open.
Access Atlanta    The Lockheed File

*  Barr says it's again up to Clinton
*  Barr needs to renounce support of Forbes

Judge Orders Gingrich
To Answer All Questions

Politicians call it 'stonewalling,' but the Judge hearing the Gingriches' divorce case says she'll have none of that and has ordered the former Speaker of the House to talk.
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'Harry Potter' At Burruss
Harry Potter books are now 'everywhere' at A.L. Burruss School. The magical books are being read to children in school, carried around by the kids, and are even on display in a showcase in the lobby to promote the upcoming book fair -- where copies will be sold.
    What a difference a month makes, when Harry Potter was briefly banned following what's believed to have been one complaint from a religious zealot who thought the books promoted Satanism. 11/12

Cobb OKs Catholic School
The Cobb Commissioners OK'd the zoning for the proposed new St. Joseph School just off busy Dallas Hwy.-Whitlock Avenue this morning. The hearing was packed with Catholics from all over the county, and opponents who feared the 1000-student school would bring more traffic woes to the area. The Commissioners' vote was 4-1, with West Cobb Commissioner Louie Hunter voting against. The school is in Hunter's district. 10/28

Gingrich Blames Stress
And Media For Divorce

Newt Gingrich, former house speaker and point man for family values and personal responsibility, is speaking out about his tenure in the nation's capital, and his own downfall.
    In an interview to be aired on C-span today, Gingrich blames his divorce from second wife Marianne in part on the stress of public life, and points the finger at the news media for portraying him in a negative light during his time as speaker.
    He recalls Father's Day 1992 as he was going to his younger daughter's home for lunch. He says there was a "really vicious" cartoon in an Atlanta newspaper. The Georgia Republican says he pulled off the side of the road and "almost broke down crying". He said it was so painful, he felt like withdrawing. (From ABC News Wire)
Read about the interview here

Papers Say Newt Had Ongoing Affair While Impeaching Clinton
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich - who led the charge against President Clinton for his affair with Monica Lewinsky - is romantically involved with a much younger congressional staffer, the New York Post and New York Daily News are reporting.
    Gingrich began seeing Callista Bisek, 33, at least three years ago - and their relationship was ongoing while Gingrich was denouncing Clinton for his sex-and-lies fling with Lewinsky.
Post Story
| Daily News story

Cobb Online first reported on this story on 8/12

Photo of Bisek with Gingrich from Daily News

Hillary-Lookalike Works In Congressional Office
Here's what is known about Callista Bisek, the Hillary Clinton look-alike who is linked to Gingrich: Bisek, 33, is a 5'8" blonde and is a member of the House Committee On Agriculture. When Gingrich was Speaker of the House, he was -- in effect-- Bisek's boss as President Clinton was with Lewinsky. She previously worked for former Rep. Steve Gunderson (R-Wis.), the first openly-gay Republican in the House. News reports say Bisek is in the choir at a local Catholic church.

If Affair Is True, It's
Hypocrisy At Its Worse

Newt Gingrich gained the speakership of the House of Representatives by posing as a champion of family values. Remember how Gingrich repeatedly referred to liberals and Democrats as deviants and miscreants? And, later, how he gleefully tried to exploit Monicagate? Commentary

Cobb Court Orders
Questioning Of Gingrich's Gal

Divorce lawyers for the estranged wife of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich have won permission to question a woman Gingrich reportedly has been seeing. An order signed by Cobb County Superior Court Judge Dorothy Robinson allows Marianne Gingrich's attorneys to take a deposition from Callista Bisek. Link to the story

Newt, Marianne To Divorce
Newt Gingrich and his wife, Marianne, are heading for divorce court. Sources have told The Washington Post that the former speaker of the House--who was forced out by fellow Republicans after the 1998 election--has been confiding to friends that a divorce is highly likely, adding that he's offered settlement terms to his wife of nearly 18 years. This will be the second divorce for Mr. Gingrich, a family-values advocate. First reported: Friday 7/16

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