Report: Lockheed May
Cut Back Or Closing Plant

Lockheed Martin is considering selling or shutting down some core satellite and military-aircraft operations as the defense giant expands efforts to reverse flagging financial results, the Wall Street Journal said November 12. Included in the cutbacks could be Lockheed's Marietta plant. The aircraft operations here could be scaled back or combined with factories at Fort Worth, Texas, the Journal said. 11/12
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Barr Says Clinton Key
To Keeping Marietta Plant

Congressman Bob Barr, who credited the Clinton administration with securing funding for the F-22 program, said on November 12th that it will again be up to the President, the man he sought to remove from office, to save the Marietta plant.
    "The plant is a one of a kind facility, and has been the recipient of tremendous investments in capital and human resources by the company and the United States government for years. I do not believe there is any basis for transferring C-130J or F-22 production to another facility," Barr said.
    "Thus, our challenge is to ensure there are enough government and foreign sales of the C-130J to keep production profitable. Right now, the Clinton Administration holds the key to this process, and I strongly encourage them to press for significant C-130J purchases in the 2001 budget." 11/13

Lockheed Says F-22 Untouchable
Despite forthcoming cutbacks in the Lockheed Martin Corp., officials there say the F-22 program is untouchable. But, that doesn't mean Marietta's share of the program will stay here.
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Plant Lost Its Protector
When GOP Deposed Gingrich

The Marietta plant lost its last powerful protector when Newt Gingrich resigned from the House of Representatives after losing support among Republicans as Speaker. His resignation meant the lost of clout to keep the Lockheed plant here.
    Even during the fight for funding for the F-22, local representatives were nearly powerless. In the end, it was the Clinton administration that was credited with securing money for the F-22.
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Cleland Has C-130 Deal
Democratic Senator Max Cleland says he has brokered a deal with Kuwait to sell a half-dozen C-130s to that country, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting. Cleland said the deal would be officially announced in January. He also said the Italian government has expressed an interest in purchasing four of the cargo planes. Contracts for the C130 transport are key to Lockheed Martin's Marietta plant. 11/14 Link to the story

Senator McCain Will Be
Asked Opposition To C-130

Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain will be in the metro this week, and will no doubt be on the hot seat, as concerns about the future of Lockheed's Marietta plant grow. McCain is on record as being against the C-130 program at Lockheed, going as far as calling it a Soviet-style program to protect jobs with no military value or need. 11/14


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File story at Forbes: Plant An Albatross

Cleland has C-130 deal in Kuwait

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