Gee, Republican Party, Thanks For The Loyalty

The Republican Party has been tough on Cobb lately, one of the first counties in the once-solid Democratic South to vote for the GOP.

    Last year, House Republicans deposed Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House. This spring, the party pulled the rug from under Cobb's largest employer -- Lockheed -- by wanting to delay funding for the F-22. It was President Bill Clinton, who couldn't be elected dogcatcher here, who was credited with saving the program.

    Now, Lockheed may close its plant and move operations to Texas. Would Lone Star Governor George Bush fight to keep the plant in Marietta if elected President? Probably not if it meant more jobs for Texas.
    His closest competitor, Sen. John McCain already wants to put an end to the C130J transport. 11/15 So, where's the thanks? Apparently with the GOP, loyalty is a one-way street.

Barr Needs To Renounce His Support Of Forbes For President
Over the weekend, Congressman Bob Barr said he would do everything he could to keep Lockheed and the Dobbins Air Force Base from closing. He did, however, concede that the Clinton administration would be the key, as it was in saving funding for the F-22.
    If the executive branch of government is so important, and if Bob Barr is serious about saving the Marietta plant, then why is he supporting Steve Forbes for President?
    A year ago, Forbes' magazine called the plant an albatross and noted that Lockheed - and the government - would be better off if operations moved elsewhere.
    Mr. Barr, there is nothing more important than Lockheed. Stop trying to be a national politician and start worrying more about about hometown issues. Your support of Forbes is a big mistake. It's time for you renounce it, for the sake of Cobb. 11/17


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