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We are presently experiencing a moderate buyer's market," says Realtor Lene Currie. "A growing economy will help sustain home sales in 2004, however housing activities are not likely to match last year's record."

But desirability may also play a role.

"Lawrence Park is a fine example of a company town," suggests Currie. "General Electric planned the town and built some of the early buildings, but did not intrude on the private lives of the residents. Today the community remains well maintained, and in the words of one long-time resident, "It's a nice town to live in." Come see for yourself - the parks, the playgrounds, the business district, the historic rowhouses, the residential areas and everything that makes this township a nice place to live." Lackawanna County

"Lackawanna County consists of previous coal mine towns rich with heritage," says Realtor Sylvia Smith. "Lackawanna County in Pennsylvania is a growing area. With property improvements on the rise - market values increasing - it is becoming a much desired area to reside. Numerous grants given by the city for a portion of buyers' down payments and closing costs can be obtained through application.Incentives for businesses to remain and relocate in our area are available. We're helping to keep the unemployment rate in check. Multi unit dwelling sales are on the rise - buyers see investment as a good source for retirement funds." Chambersburg

"Chambersburg is a picturesque community, located in Franklin County, where people exhibit a small-town friendliness and a concern for the welfare of their neighbors," explains Phyllis Bender. "Chambersburg is an industrious town, with many job opportunities awaiting you. This town has low utility rates, good municipal services, clean natural resources, ample power supplies, affordable housing, a low crime rate, and a progressive school system. Chambersburg sits along the I-81 corridor, still has many farms and orchards where you can buy many fresh fruits and vegetables. The Falling Spring, a well known trout stream, runs into the Conococheague, which is Native American for 'long way.' Both of these streams are excellent for fishing. Many people are moving to this area from the city because we are a quiet and still a somewhat rural community. Retirees are moving here because Pennsylvania does not tax retirement. Franklin County has a low tax rate, which is an additional incentive to move here."

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