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C O B B ' S    C I T I E S
Information courtesy Cobb Visitors Bureau

Cobb County is comprised of eight communities, each with its own charm: Acworth, Austell, Kennesaw, Mableton, Marietta, Powder Springs, Smyrna and Vinings.

Located on the tranquil shores of Lake Acworth, this delightful town offers recreation, relaxation, golf, antiques and more to visitors. Acworth was settled in 1832 and grew as Georgia's rail line grew. MORE INFORMATION

Austell formed around 1880 as a stop on the rail line between Atlanta and Birmingham. Named after the late General Alfred Austell, today it is home to one of the Atlanta area's biggest attractions - Six Flags over Georgia Amusement Park.

Perhaps Cobb's most historic city, Kennesaw is home to the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield and the famous Civil War locomotive, The General. In addition, Kennesaw offers great shopping and dining in its bustling Town Center Mall district as well as cultural events through Kennesaw State University.

Home to Georgia Governor Roy E. Barnes, the Mableton community is named after Scottish immigrant Robert Mable. Mable's home, the Mable House, was used as a hospital during the Civil War and now houses the South Cobb Arts Alliance and serves as a hub of activity for South Cobb. Mableton is also home to Governor Barnes' family store, Barnes Hardware.

Picturesque Marietta was formed in 1833 and serves as the seat of Cobb County government. Its lovely square and numerous shops, restaurants, theatres and museums make it popular among pleasure seekers, while its five national historic districts and Confederate and National cemeteries make it a must see for history buffs.

Powder Springs
Once the site of Seven Springs, thought to have medicinal properties by Native Americans, Powder Springs maintains its quaint charm. Its Seven Springs Historical Society features artifacts from its rich history, from the original Cherokee inhabitants to Civil War and Gold Rush times. The city is also home to a Cobb County family favorite - Sun Valley Beach. MORE INFORMATION

Smyrna was established in 1832 when settlers established a non-denominational religious campground there. Recently revitalized, Smyrnašs appeal comes from its Village Green, a common green space that hosts concerts and festivals throughout the year. Shopping and fine dining is readily available in this fourth largest city in the metro Atlanta area. MORE INFORMATION

Although Vinings is not a city, it is one of the main attractions of Cobb County. The Creek and Cherokee Indians settled here because of its proximity to the Chattahoochee River; settler Hardy Pace launched a ferry operation here in the 1830s; and, the Western & Atlantic Railroad established Vinings as a major crossroads. Vinings is still a bustling center of activity, featuring charming outdoor shopping areas and fine dining.

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