Covington KY | Little pantry won't work in poverty stricken city

One would think the concept of little pantries would be helpful in Covington KY

May 22, 2017
Little pantries won't work in poverty-stricken Covington KY, people fear

Covington KY: One would think the concept of little pantries would be helpful in Covington KY where the poverty rate and drug usage continues to grow, Northern Kentucky News reports.

"I find it hard to believe that the druggies and other people in Covington will not abuse this system. I hope I am wrong," writes Darla Wipfel on Facebook.

"Wondering how many people are going to buy 40 cent cans of peas from addicts and then I'm wondering how many cans they actually need to steal and sell on the black market for some drugs. I mean the black market for canned food and boxed goods is pretty hot right now," Yesica Mullin quipped.

Dozens of people posting felt the free food would be quickly removed from little boxes that could dot the streets of Covington but feared the pantries would not be replenished, leaving empty boxes.

Very few believed it would be a success in the troubled Northern Kentucky city.

It's supposed to work like the little library's you see in many other communities: Take an item, leave an item.

According to the latest US Census statistics , Covington's poverty rate is 27.2%, an increase of 8 percent since 2010. The per capita income is just $21,108.

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