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May 30, 2017
Burlington richest town in Kentucky, but still
below others

Burlington KY: Burlington, with a median income of $69,932, is the richest town in Kentucky.

Its median income, however, is far below most top income towns in other states. See for yourself here.

"While high incomes in an area can often be partially explained by high educational attainment, this is not the case in Burlington," notes the survey.

"Only 25.3% of Burlington adults have a bachelorís degree, versus the 22.3% state figure but less than seven other towns in Kentucky with populations between 1,000 and 25,000."

Despite being thousands of miles apart, many of these towns share several common characteristics. Like Burlington KY, most are primarily residential towns located near a major urban center. Major U.S. cities tend to have concentrations of high paying jobs -- and clusters of wealthy suburbs on their outskirts.

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Posted by Richard Hines

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Burlington KY, Burlington is the richest town in Kentucky, but still below the levels of other rich towns