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May 27, 2017
Amazon using DHL facilities at CVG until its hub
complex completed

Hebron KY: Beginning this month, DHL runs its Americas Hub at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport at night while Amazon uses the facility and equipment during the day.

It is Amazon's first step in designing and building its own Prime Air hub at the airport, according to three well-positioned business sources familiar with airport operations.

Seattle-based Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, declined to say anything about its plans at the airport beyond what it revealed in a Jan. 31 press release about its plans for a $1.5 billion Prime Air hub likely to create as many as 2,700 jobs, according to estimates by the state, the Lane Report notes.

^ Amazon Prime is using DHL facilities at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport until its hub complex completed

“DHL can confirm that it has been contracted to provide a range of services to Amazon at the DHL Cincinnati Hub, including sorting operations and ground handling for the Amazon air network. We look forward to providing further support to this global customer,” Bea Garcia, media relations director for the Americas, said in an e-mail.

The German shipping giant routinely loads and unloads 50 cargo planes from outside of the U.S. each night, said Candace McGraw, CEO of the airport. She does not know if DHL and Amazon will be working together on international shipments, she said.

A number of professionals who collect data about Amazon or the air cargo industry have speculated that the company may use the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky airport as its hub for international shipping.

Brain Clancy, managing director of Logistics Capital & Strategy in Washington, D.C., didn’t go that far with his comments. But Reuters quoted him as saying that the DHL-Amazon proximity in Cincinnati might lead to some cooperation on international shipments. He could not be reached for further comment.

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Amazon Prime, Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Airport, Amazon Prime is using DHL facilities at CVG until its hub complex completed