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-- Special "Best Ruling Since the Pete Rose Judgment" Edition--
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Advice for Liberal Losers
     The Blower says if you want to know why “moveon” liberals will always be losers, and never "move on" from losing, one only need to look at how they attack -- like PC wimps.

    Yesterday, moveoners sent out a press release about their "oil free" rally attacking Steve Chabothead for giving billions in tax breaks to the same big oil companies that line his campaign treasure chest, but forgot to include Chabothead's name in the press release:

    The Blower suggests that when attacking the wayward congressman's coziness with Big Oil, they should grow a nut and call him The Oily Chabothead.

     After 12 years in Congress, Chabothead has probably gone through 12 barrels of oil to keep that embarrassing comb-over clinging to his bald scalp, but PC liberals haven’t enough of a sense of humor to call him The Oily Chabothead. The Blower also suggests that when having an "oil free" rally do not drive your oil-filled cars to the rally.


    With Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane's Landmark Board of Revulsion case scheduled for July 13, Resource Realtor Jason Gloyd has been busy researching sales of truly comparable properties the Disingenuous DemocRAT Auditor's "certifiable" re-appraiser should've used, instead of the ones he dug up when he submitted his contrived bureaucratic attempt to justify the Auditor's bogus 41% computer-generated appraisal.

     Maybe that's why one of Kane's neighbors in Anderson says he's so willing to get out of the county, the first thing he'll do is lower his price $50,000 when he lists his property.

    Bobby Leach's audition on 55 WKRC's Morning Show seems to be going well. Listeners liked our radio rogue's Viagra joke comparing the President's and Rush Limpboy's slumping poles, but the Blower thought it was really fully after the station played a commercial for the IHOP restaurant on Cox Road in West Chester, Bobby asked when they answer the phone, does the girl says, "IHOP on Cox."

     Elsewhere on your AM Dial, our has-been former morning show jock, tells us the Greedy Weasels at Clear Channel finally got one right. They took a radio station no one wanted to hear and put it on a frequency no one can hear. How long before 1360 Revulsion of Talk Radio changes drops the format? Can Geraldo Springer speak Spanish?

     Speaking of Viagra, with only 84 more days till the 50th Reunion, many members of the Forrest Gump High School Class of 1956 are expecting to have a hot time, especially since there are so many over-sexedtigenerians in the group.

     Was Loveland dildo queen Patty Brisben really named Southern Ohio Entrepreneur of the Year at the Duke Energy Center banquet for more than 600 Thursday night? Just imagine what those centerpieces looked like.

     There'll be lots of parades for politicians on July Fourth. Mean Jean Schmidt plans to get booed in six of them (Anderson, Blue Ash, Lebanon, Loveland, Montgomery, and New Richmond). In Anderson, where Revered Congressman Bob McEwen was asked to be grand marshal, they even have a special section just for Mean Jean, since none of the other real Republicans wanted to be anywhere near her. Anderson GOP President "In Russ We Trust" Jackson says, "We call it they lying bitch section!"

     In Today's "The More Things Change" Department, did you note the lead in Thursday's ComPost? In a puffer for Uncle Miltie, ComPost "contributor" Joe Wessels asked another Lexington bureaucRAT about Dohoney's most significant contribution as chief administrative officer of Lexington-Fayette Urban County. The other feeder at the public rough gushed that Dohoney's most impressive achievement was having obtained TWO federal grants of $20 million each for public housing In Lexington. No other city that size, Post readers were assured, received nearly that much for public housing.

     Do Cincinnatians dare hope that Dohoney still has his magic touch for dumping more millions into public housing? Good Grief!

     Lets see, that last City Manager was BLACK and the new one is BLACK, the last three Failed Cincinnati Public $kool$ supers have been BLACK, the Fire Chief is BLACK, P-P-P-Pat DeWhine's former floozie was BLACK, all those swimmers from Woodlawn are BLACK, and our Girly Man MAYOR is BLACK, along with his beefy BLACK bodyguard/ companion. The white chief of police has his hands tied. Crime is rampant and the whites are leaving in droves. The City is going down the crapper. Does anybody see a pattern here?

The Cincinnati Police Department is looking into whether Dale Mallory's impeachment was conducted to the letter? Give us a break! We expect more from the boys in blue. Sure, they ultimately report to the Mayor, but if this gets covered up because of that relationship, it'll be another sad day for our City. We need justice!

It surely seems like someone is looking for an excuses NOT to prosecute this fool. Let's for a minute just humor ourselves. Let's say Dale was not impeached, he still has no right to spend council money without council's approval. We hope that this doesn't get muddied by a "Mad Dawg" Lawson defense of impeachment technicalities.

     Many people thought when TV9 Weather Guesser Pete Delkus left town, it would be safe to come out of my shelter. Not so. Channel 9 had a "WEATHER SPECIAL" this week to remind everybody how awful tornados are and how to run for cover when they interrupt three hours of nightly TV shows for storms that never happen in our area.

     BlueChipReview publisher Steve Fritsch explains why he's no longer in business, but Blower readers have already adjusted their favorites to include CincyNation, where the daily editions of the Blower can now be seen.

Bluegrass Ballyhoo

     Meanwhile, in Northern Kentucky, Bluegrass Bureau Chief Ken CamBoo says every politician in the Bluegrass will be headed for the big Fourth of July Parade in Independence on Tuesday. "You can't believe what a thrill it is to know that the national Independence Day holiday was named for our fair city," explained Mayor Chris Moriconi. "Unfortunately for our city's PR committee, no publication other than the Whistleblower seems to know that fact."

     REMEMBER: If you can't improve on the news, you shouldn't even be reporting it.

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